Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Society of Rough Hewn Stones

Jesse S. Mitchell

Hominids & Homophones
We could all start by building new gods
     And all around, war & the empty sounds of war.
We could all begin by renaming the noise of thunder (the flash of lightning)
     And in the whirlwind, bending, & the motionless movement of blending
We could all start by feeling brand new deep green grass beneath our feet.
     And the endings of the world & all the beginnings of all the crippling endings of the world
We could all start by new occupation, the health of hands.
      And avocation & the great new novelty of original sinning.
We could all start by no more abstractions or no tyranny no more forever
      And drifting away build something strong & never crumble apart forever again.            

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