Sunday, January 29, 2017


These are the mistakes we make while we are busy watching the mistakes we make as we mend.

And isn't it strange the ways
The bones heal?
Deformed in places, thicker
But always firmer, in spite of breaks.

We as etymology of a word. Diffused as code over years, confused. Saturated in static.

But isn't it funny the way
The meanings come through, blurred, fuller
But always plain, despite the cracks.

Blood type. DNA. RNA. neurosis. And panic. Healthy family. Blue eyes. Brown eyes. Cells divide. Redivide.

But it is always similar.
The faces always familiar, peculiar in places, stronger. Evolved mammalian. But always fractured to let the light come home.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


The day I was born, I represented the future of the whole world.
Just like you
Just like you.
On the day I die, I will represent the past of the whole world.
Just like you
Just like you.
This moment is me, in the whole world, everywhere.
Just like you
Just like you.