Monday, March 2, 2015

Novgorod 1 (Twitch)

Jesse S. Mitchell

So Eir like Aeschylus (hypochondria Pallas)
Look for the glow
Of eagle over head and clouds of ice and stone.
It is with great comedy (not to mention grace) that we walk upon the surface of this world. With blaze-burning sun at our backs and in front, coming up to meet us,
The two-twin horizons of want and completion of what.
And to err no more.
And adventure cries and comfort yearns and yet, we never know them either. Not one.
A slick web, a sticky slick web of cold fusion, confusion, crackling, left out to linger in between, the space-ether, a breath rolled out under the sky.
But to know the difference between coming closer or pulling away but knowing that neither will come, neither will defend.
So languish becomes energy.  And you come to appreciate these descents, or at least to take them very seriously.
But nothing, but nothing but left out to linger in between one reaction or another one.
Trapped in the glass of night and day and comfortable between them, begin to fear the cracks and dawns and dusks are avoided.
Lots of things are avoided.  Running to the car in the rain.  Impatient as the traffic, our blood pounds.
And pounds. Until it doesn’t.  Until it all bursts.  Come down the dams.
And the deluge, after me the deluge, deluge, the great deluge.  The flood.
Our work here is done.
The flood.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

E-book version, Kindle edition. it's Cheaper! Medea's Videos

Jesse S. Mitchell

you may now purchase my latest short novel, 'Medea's Videos' for the Kindle.
go for it.
do it.
I have to eat.
It is cheap.  Cheap enough.  $4.99
you can't even get a six pack of good beer for that...
here is the link, Medea's Videos Kindle edition

thank you

that link again is, Medea's Videos Kindle edition